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Ambulance 3-1

2014 Ford E-350/Type III 553 Horton

Ambulance 3 is a 2014 Ford E-350/type III 553 Horton. Ambulance 3 features a full Whelen Led emergency lighting package. 
Ambulance 3 meets the requirements for the Pa Department of Health licensure for a BLS ambulance. 
Ambulance 3 also carries a Stryker power stretcher with a power load system and Stryker stair chair.

Ambulance 3-2

2018 E-450/Horton

Ambulance 3-2 is a 2018 Ford E-450/type III 553 Horton. Ambulance 3-2 features a full Whelen Led emergency lighting package. 
Ambulance 3-2 meets the requirements for the Pa Department of Health licensure for a BLS ambulance. 
Ambulance 3-2 also carries a Stryker power stretcher, power load system, and stryker stair chair. 

Photo courtesy of Dave Smiley Jr. Nozzle Nut.

Assistant Chief 3

2011 Ford Expedition


2006 Kushman

Atv-03 is used to carry patients from hard to reach areas such as the Chester Valley Trail, woods, and other area's. Atv- 3 will also be used for large events.

Chief 3

2018 Chevy Tahoe

Deputy 3

2012 Ford Expedition

Deputy 3's vehicle is a 2012 Ford Expedition.

Engine 3-1

2013 Pierce Dash

2013 Pierce Arrow-XT rescue-pumper that serves as the first responding unit for most calls, including residential and commercial fires, auto accidents, and routine alarms. It is equipped with a 2000 GPM Waterous pump and 960 gallon water (booster) tank, 30 gallons Class A foam system with Compressed Air Foam Capability. Engine 3-1 also has a wide variety of pre-connected handlines and 950' of 5" supply line for fire suppression. In addition, Engine 3-1 carries a full set of extrication equipment for use during vehicle rescue operations. This includes hydraulic cutters, spreaders (the so-called "Jaws of Life") and rams; plus electric, pneumatic and battery-powered hand tools ,vehicle stabilization gear, and a bumper-mounted Warn electric winch. It is equipped with a 6 bottle compressed-air cascade system for filling SCBA bottles on scene, a telescoping Will-Burt Nightscan light tower for scene lighting, and a 15 kW Onan PTO generator to supply portable power. Engine 3-1 in powered by a Cummings 450hp motor. 

Photo courtesy of Dave Smiley Jr. Nozzle Nut.

Engine 3-5

2005 Pierce Dash

2005 Pierce Dash pumper-tanker that is used for structure and vehicle fires where water supply is limited. Because a significant portion of the response area that Paoli Fire Company covers is not protected by municipal water supplies with hydrants, this unit was specifically designed to carry a large water supply. Therefore, Engine 3-5 carries 3000 gallons of water and uses a 2000 GPM Waterous pump to supply several preconnected handlines. It also carries 1200' of large diameter supply line that can be used to receive or distribute water during fire ground operations. Further, so that it can contribute to tanker shuttle operations, Engine 3-5 is also equipped with a 10" rear dump valve. Perhaps the most useful feature of the unit is its CAFS (compressed-air foam system) which when used, allows the use of premixed class A or B foam through almost all of the discharge lines. In addition, it carries a remote-controlled telescoping Akron deck gun, a Will-Burt Nightscan telescoping light tower and a 10 kW Harrison generator. 

Photo courtesy of Dave Smiley Jr. Nozzle Nut.

Tac 3

2007 2007 GMC/Kme

Tac-3 is a 2007 KME on a GMC 4x4 commercial chassis capable of carrying 4 firefighters with SCBA and a driver. It has been designed to handle response to automatic alarms, investigations & brush or woods fires. It carries 260 gallons of water, has a 500 gpm pump, and is equipped with a 15 gallon (class A) foam system; 15 gallons of additional foam is carried in reserve. There are two 1- Inch crosslays @ 200 ft each, and a pre-connected 2 Inch @ 250 ft as well. There is a 50 foot of 1 ? ? trash line. On the right side of the truck, and a booster reel is housed in a rear compartment. 400 feet of 5? Supply line is carried in the center section of the hose bed. Forestry tools, chain saws, battery operated power tools, EMS supplies, oxygen and an A.E.D. all contribute to the versatility of this apparatus. 

Photo courtesy of Dave Smiley Jr. Nozzle Nut.

Tower 3

2000 Pierce Dash Sky-Arm

Tower 3 2000 Pierce Sky-Arm on a Dash chassis with a 100 ft. tower-ladder. This unit typically responds second for all structure fires and is equipped with various ground ladders, rescue tools, ventilation tools and salvage equipment. One unique feature of the main ladder is the ability to articulate the last 15 feet of the ladder/bucket (called the jib) independently. This allows greater flexibility and reach when the operators need to safely position the bucket in difficult locations (around wires, over parapet walls, down steep embankments, etc.). Tower 3 is also equipped with a 2000GPM Waterous pump and a 300 gallon booster tank which allow it to operate as an independent fire suppression unit when necessary. 

Photo courtesy of Dave Smiley Jr. Nozzle Nut.

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